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Local honeymooners stuck in Mexico during hurricane

Adam and Shannon Weber, of O'Fallon, on their way to a honeymoon in Mexico(Photo: Weber

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Illinois State Trooper laid to rest

Troy, Illinois ( KSDK ) -- Saturday was an emotional day for an Illinois community that had to say goodbye to one of their own who worked to protect them.

State Trooper Kyle Deatherage was killed in the line of the duty on November 26.

People from near and far filled the gym at Triad High School to say goodbye to Illinois State Trooper Kyle Deatherage.

Many knew him, but many did not.

Deatherage was a motorcycle officer. He had been with Illinois State Police since 2009. He was conducting a traffic stop Monday on I-55 just north of Litchfield, when he was hit and killed by a semi truck. Dave Aumend was part of a contingent of riders from several different clubs.

"This is to support the gentleman who lost his life and it's also to take care to let people know that we remember. This is not a forgotten incident," Aumend says.

The funeral lasted just under two hours.

"I've never seen anything like it. It was very touching-the flags, the turnout from the public..." says long-time friend St. Jacob Fire Chief Scott Prange.

People lined the streets on the way to the cemetery, waving flags.

Chief Prange says it couldn't have been for a better person.

"You want to say he was a good guy, but that doesn't do him justice."

Hundreds from law enforcement across the region and even as far away as Louisiana came to the funeral and drove to the burial site to pay their respects to this man whose death was a tragic reminder that this could happen to any one of them at any time.

"It touched all of us, I think," Prange says. "He was out there working on the interstate. We work accidents on the highways every day, ourselves as the fire department, police, ambulance, we're all out there. It could have been any of us."

Deatherage is survived by his wife, Sarah, and two children- four year-old Kaylee and 10 month old Camden.

The Kyle Deatherage Memorial Fund has been set up to help with education for his two children. Anyone who would like to donate should contact Scott Credit Union in Highland, Illinois at 618-345-1000.


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Multi-media artist Larry Krone returns to St. Louis in first major exhibit since 2006

Nationally-known multi-media artist Larry Krone grew up in St. Louis but has not returned to exhibit his work since 2006. On Friday, Oct. 2, that changes when the Sheldon Art Galleries opens an exhibition of his pieces, which combine found textiles, graphics and craft materials with his own artistic stamp.

Artist Larry Krone and Olivia Lahs-Gonzales, director of the Sheldon Art Galleries, speak with Alex Heuer on "Cityscape."

The exhibition at the Sheldon is also working in tandem with several other galleries around town to showcase Krones work, including Craft Alliances Innovation in Textiles 10 symposium and at projects+gallery in the Central West End, in an exhibition entitled Larry Krone The Selling Sound of Country, which also opens Oct. 2.

On Friday, Krone and Olivia Lahs-Gonzales, director of the Sheldon Art Galleries, joined Cityscape to discuss his works and return to St. Louis.

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Oct. 2, 2015 Jan. 9, 2016

Tuesdays, Noon 8 p.m.; Wednesdays - Fridays, Noon 5 p.m.; Saturdays, 10 a.m. 2 p.m.

Opening reception Friday, Oct. 2, 5 - 7 p.m.

Gallery talk on Oct. 3 at 11 a.m.

Sheldon's Bellwether Gallery of St. Louis Artists, 3648 Washington Blvd.

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projects+gallery presents "Larry Krone - The Selling Sound of Country Music"

Opens Oct. 2

Opening reception Friday, Oct. 2, 6 - 9 p.m.

projects+gallery, 4733 McPherson Avenue

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Cityscapeis produced byMary Edwards, Alex Heuer, and Kelly Moffitt.The show is sponsored in part by theMissouri Arts Council, theRegional Arts Commission, and theArts and Education Council of Greater St. Louis.


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Find A Plan - Intermediate Male Transformation Plans

Core Value #1: Always be truthful and honest in every aspect of business.

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Importance Of Rest

It is essential that you sleep as many hours as possible, consistently, every night. Most people overlook the fact that sleep is just as important as your training routine, when it comes to effective muscle growth.

If you do not allow yourself to get enough sleep, you are essentially neglecting a crucial element of your muscle building routine.

You must allow ample rest time in between your workouts. The professionals call these rest days, which are essential for allowing your muscles to recover. It is advisable to avoid weight training on two consecutive days, especially if you are targeting the same muscle groups.

You must keep reminding yourself that your body only b

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Images released North Korean officials didn't want anyone to see

(CNN) - A Swedish journalist is giving us a glimpse into North Korea. A glimpse he says the country didn't want anyone to see.

Johan Nylander was the only western journalist covering an international bike race from china to North Korea. He says he was told he could photograph anything except the military or military facilities, but once he reached the border with China, he says North Korean security guards erased any images they didn't think portrayed North Korea in a positive light.

Nylander says he was able to retrieve those deleted pictures shown in the video above. He says he's not even sure why some of his pictures were deleted since they didn't seem to show anything controversial.


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Transform your Lifetime Using These Tactics For Fitness Motivation it's Try

The magazine entitled "mens health" can be an incredible a fantastic supply expertise. I subscribed to the crooks to when my daughter brought a fund raiser residence from their school. It offers the modern-day man all varieties of concepts and solutions to visualize about. Anything from health, to weight loss program, to prostate cancer, to hair loss, to intercourse drive is discussed and elaborated on. If you're an man, it's time you discovered more about mens health today.

Another from the myths about six pack abs happens when you are to purchase of fitness equipment, diet pills and dietary supplements, can certainly own your killer muscle tissue.

My applying for grants what I will do after i get have fun with 7 a short time.spend a day in each neighborhood. I loved the Boardwalk with Aqua Theater where they're going to have shows featuring high divers, synchronized swimmers and tons more. The floor of this pool adjusts from being a dry stage to 18 ft really serious. How cool is that? I also want to spend a bit longer in Central Park. It didn't bother even have an opportunity to have a ride you are able to drink on his or her Rising Tide bar that floats directory between Central Park along with the Royal Balcony. It looks like a giant modern surfboard! And oh, don't forget the adults only Solarium with individual pool, two amazing whirlpools that are suspended the actual years side of the ship, an "healthy choice" buffet area, lazy lounges and of course, a bar.

Tip Three: A family affair. Children whose parents exercise are themselves more likely to exercise and stay healthy. If you are focused on your child's weight, you will want to take any look involving mirror and analyze personal behaviour. For anyone who is constantly complaining that to be able to the time for exercise, chances will be the children will likewise pick up on your tendencies.

Be careful about method you are sleeping. Owning your side can be of help or could sleep with your back along with a heating station. No matter what, to be able to sleep about your stomach is absolutely never cautioned.

Fortunately, most toe problems you're in order to be get while running or hiking possibly be cosmetic rather than serious. Essentially the most frequent cause of black toenails -- and so related to running that the condition one more known as runner's digit. Black toenails or Runner's toe takes place when the toenail is either pressed Healthcare in Somalia down too much on your bed that underlies it or go with the nail separates from your bed. In either case, blood pools between the nail and the bed. Eventually the nail turns black.

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